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Welcome to the Royal Games Wiki[]

Welcome to le Château de Versailles, 2113. Where the word MURDER is not only a sin, but someone's favorite past time. The never ending halls of the palace are filled with terrorized royals, who live in constant danger and fear of being next. One thing is certain, though: no one is safe. Will you put your life at risk, or cross over to the dark side?

Let the Royal Games begin

Royal Games Characters[]

Take a look at Royalties current line.

Kaya Buchanan
Annabel Buchanan
Anastasia Buchanan
Alice Buchanan
Claire Orleans
Elliot Odenberg
Rafael Idorobro
Stefan Catalin
Joline Bernadotte
Wendy Callaghan
Amber Hornbrook
Audrey Bourbon

Royal Games: Genesis Characters[]

Check out the line that start the procession.

Elias Odenberg
Altaira Said
Rayna Bourbon
Kilian Odenberg

Latest activity[]

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