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Royal Games was a roleplay that opened April 8th, 2012, driven by a team of dedicated writers. It lasted for a year before it was ended. The prequel, Royal Games: Genesis was created in March 2013. In October 2013, Royal Games reopened.


Welcome to le Château de Versailles, 2112. A hundred years after World War III had begun. Where all the princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses, viscounts and all other kinds of royals around the globe come to learn how to survive in the real world — that is, a world of poverty. Since the war, the world has been ruled by monarchs who have been trying to change the critical conditions the world has found itself in. Most of them have been spoiled since they were little and in fact have no idea of what awaits them outside the comfort of their own palaces. In Versailles, they’re supposed to perfect their skills mentally and physically. Meaning not only they will all have private tutors that will teach them more than is taught in ordinary schools, but they will also know how to defend themselves when it’s a matter of life and death.

They’re the ones who will take over the world someday, and will also have to learn how to coexist in peace. What they don’t expect, however, is for there to be a murderer on the loose. He or she plans on putting an end to all the royal lines and ruling the world on their own accord. So far, there has only been one kill, the princess of Switzerland was murdered in her room, and a note was left on her mirror, written with her own blood: Bye bye, little royals. The new era has begun. However, no one can know what’s happening, and the royals have to continue acting as if nothing is out of the ordinary. If word gets out, there will be rebellions and uprisings all over the world, so for now, none of them have any choice, only wait to see who will be next. Who knows what that will do to each of them? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Let the royal games begin.

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