Princess of Switzerland
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Natalie Odenberg, Circa 2112
Born 2096
Status Deceased
Age 16
Alias The Crazy One

The First Death

Marital N/A
Title Princess
Physical Information
Nationality Swiss
Gender Female
Height 5'5"
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Skin Unknown
Family Information
Children N/A
Siblings Elliot Odenberg
Parents Unknown
Others Elias Odenberg (great-grandfather)

Maeve Kavangah (Great-Grandmother) Kilian Odenberg (great-uncle)

Magical Information
Power Mild Healing
Age of Active 13
Character Information
Generation Royal Games
Portrayed by Hannah Murray
"I'm sorry, i know i'm being vague... It's just not safe to tell you anything else. If they find out i'm not keeping my mouth shut, i might not be alive tomorrow to tell you the rest of the story"
—Natalie's Diary excerpt, March 16, 2112[[src]]

Natalie Odenberg was the Princess of Switzerland. The first Girl born to the Odenberg family in 2 generations, she was precious and loved beyond belief. One night while at Versailles her body was found by The Main Three and her brother Elliot Odenberg attached to a Chandelier in her room. At first they presumed she had commited suicide, after days of investigation it was confirmed that she did not commited suicide, in fact she was murdered. Her death started the spark of murder and suspicions in the castle.


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Natalie was a rare beauty and had the same traits that her family had been blessed upon having. She was pale, with long blonder hair that could make anyone jealous-



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